3 Reasons Why We Need Monthly Facial Treatments

Think of the skin as soil. When stones, dirt and fallen leaves cover the surface of the soil, they obstruct the rain or moisture from penetrating as well as it could. This scenario demonstrates how external aggressors impact the skin. When layers of dead skin build up on the skin’s surface, “baked” by UV rays and “coated” by dirt, the nutrition from your skincare products will be blocked and will not be delivered fully to where it’s needed.

You may have heard your friends going for their regular facials. But, why monthly?


3 Reasons Why We Need That Monthly Facial

Quicker cell regeneration

The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells through natural exfoliation or a process called desquamation every 28-40 days. When the cells at the surface break away, new cells are then pushed up from beneath, revealing smoother and brighter skin. This cell renewal process is necessary for younger looking skin. But as you age, cell renewal slows down and your skin is slower or may even be unable to renew itself.

What happens when your skin cells do not regenerate regularly? Signs like dullness, uneven skin tone, rough texture and clogged pores appear. Makeup also doesn’t glide or stay on well. Say goodbye to soft, radiant and glowing skin.


The Treatments To Try:


Facial muscles stimulation

Your facial muscles lose its tone with age. Similarly, when the muscles in the body are not being worked out, over time, your body will start to become lax and flabby. This is when facial treatment comes in to give your face the workout it needs – whether with the help of machine or through manual massage. It helps to boost circulation as well as tone up the facial muscles, giving you a more sculpted facial contour. Say yes to firmer and healthier looking skin.


The Treatment To Try:

For that V-shaped look:Oxy V-Lift




Aids your skin in receiving nutrients better. Some facial treatments use machines and their technology to work magic on your skin – removing dead skin cells, blackheads, softening the skin, enhancing the oxygen flow beneath the skin and much more.


The Treatments To Try:


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