Catherine’s Journey to Acne-Free Skin

Have you experienced a spurt of red and nasty pimples during your teenage years? Or do you still face an unwelcome visit from adult acne every now and then?


[WARNING] The following images may be disturbing.


No matter what age we are at, our skin may be susceptible to these pesky zits. It does not help that there are a million reasons why people get acne – overly active sebaceous glands, genetics, hormonal changes and even lifestyle habits.


Catherine’s Acne Journey

To understand more on how to treat our acne, IDS had the opportunity to engage in a sharing session with Catherine Chua, who had battled with cystic acne for more than 10 years. Catherine faced acne issues since her teenage years and she cited that part of her skin condition originated from genetics.

Most of the over-the-counter acne products she used did not help her problematic skin. In fact, her acne started to escalate and worsen to such a horrific degree (see pictures below). She further explained that her acne kept coming in cycles – she was both frustrated and “really depressed because (she) would look at everyone’s faces when walking on the streets and (she) couldn’t find one that had acne as bad as mine.”


It was not until 2014 when Catherine sought professional medical help from IDS for her cystic acne – the most severe type of acne where the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to inflammation and infection. Her prescription includes a series of IDS skincare products and monthly facials that really got to the root of the problem. After seven months of treatment, the red and inflamed acne finally calmed and cleared nearly 90%!

This is a dream come true. “I never thought that I would have this skin now! I would recommend anyone with very severe acne or bad acne skin like mine, to actually seek help” says Catherine.

Catherine further continued with a few sessions of laser treatments to resurface her skin. Now, her skin is clear and smooth (we’re jealous)!


Catherine shared her transformative skin journey:

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L to R: IDS Skincare Pore Formula (PF), C-Plus (C+), Blemish Clear (BC), Spot Control (SC)

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Here’s to healthy skin and feeling confident again! 🙂


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